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KI Announces Summer Research Grant Program

February 4, 2010

Georgetown University’s Kalmanovitz Initiative for Labor and the Working Poor is offering summer research grants to Georgetown faculty in any field who undertake research in collaboration with an off-campus organization that is engaged in improving the lives of working people and the working poor. We invite you to consider submitting an application.

Selection criteria will reward innovative projects that help bring together faculty researchers and community practitioners and organizations. Our guidelines require that all projects must be completed or make substantial progress toward completion during the summer 2010 with a final report to be submitted by October 15, 2010 to the Kalmanovitz Initiative and the off-campus partner. (These projects can be discrete parts of a larger research program.)  In evaluating the proposals, the screening committee will ask the following questions:
• Does this project address a pressing concern in the lives of workers and the working poor?
• Is this project being undertaken in collaboration with an appropriate off-campus partner?
An appropriate partner organization must have as a core mission improving the lives of workers or the working poor.  (If you have a project in mind but need assistance in locating an appropriate partner, please contact Jennifer Luff at
• Will the project yield useful data that can be shared with the partner organization by the time the final report is due?
• Is the project by itself or as part of a larger research project likely to lead to a publication that will advance scholarship?
• If the project constitutes one part of a lager project, is the investigator pursuing other funding opportunities?
• Will the project employ students?

The Application Process
The proposal should be no more than ten pages of double-spaced text total. It should include:
Applications should include the following:
1, Project Abstract (250 words). Outline the research to be undertaken.
2. Statement of Applicability (150 words). Explain how the results of your research will be directly useful to your partner organization, working people, and scholars in your field.
3. Detailed Project Narrative and Timeline (Maximum of 3 pages). This should situate the project in the context of scholarship in your discipline and explain the project’s methodology and timeline.
4. Projected Budget (Maximum Grant is $12,000). The budget should be detailed. The selection committee reserves the right to partially fund some budget items. Disbursement of awarded funds in all budget categories will be governed by existing University financial policies
5. Statement of the Researcher’s Qualifications and a 2-page C.V.
6. A cover sheet of the IRB application for this project or a statement of why IRB approval is unnecessary. Funding for work with human subjects is contingent upon IRB approval.
7. Letter of Endorsement from Off-Campus Partner Organization

Download an application cover sheet in Word or pdf.

To be considered, materials should include a completed cover sheet and be e-mailed to no later than Friday, February 26.

If you have questions, please contact us.

Jennifer Luff
Director of Research

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