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What’s In the News for Workers?

November 15, 2010

Below is the first in what we hope will become a weekly round-up of news on labor and the working poor. Look for this round-up each Monday on Work Studies.


NLRB charges company for firing employee over Facebook post.

NYC transit union leader seeks to identify blogger.


“99ers” push for extension of UI benefits.

Pilots’ unions resist airport body scanners.

FLRA clears way for union vote for TSA workers.

Missouri state legislature introduces right to work bill.

Outgoing Wisconsin governor signing contracts with state employees over governor-elect’s protests.

SEIU California State Employees Assn approves pay and pension cuts.

James O’Keefe, whose undercover “pimp” video undermined ACORN, attacks unions with a “Teachers Unions Gone Wild” video.

Flight Attendants deny labor costs to blame for American Airlines’ woes.

NBC bringing strikebreakers to “Biggest Loser” set.

In its ongoing competition with SEIU, NUHW wins 2 Kaiser units, totaling 2,000 workers.

Hollywood, actors’ unions in contract talks.

NYU adjuncts unionize; authorize strike.


Laborers’ union, divided over immigration, scraps DC organizing drive.

Washington, DC’s outgoing mayor, Adrian Fenty criticizes Washington Teachers Union on Bill Maher.

1 day nurses’ strike planned at Washington Hospital Center.

Georgetown Solidarity Committee and Food Chain Workers Alliance to protest on behalf of Immokalee Workers at Columbia Heights Giant today at 5:00.


Sarkozy wins; French workers retire at 62 now.

Nurses union approves contract with Quebec.

Remember when the world cared about Chilean miners?

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