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Labor News Round-Up

December 13, 2010


Obama calls for two year pay freeze for federal employees; bill passes House.

Federal and state governments cracking down on employee misclassification.

Delta tickets and gate agents vote no on union.

NFL union preparing for lockout.

Wal-Mart in talks to expand into NYC.

Illinois governor puts end to job program.

Dispute over projected cost of Iowa state employees’ wage hike.

…while Wisconsin state employees get wage freeze.

NJ Gov., state assembly reach deal on union arbitration reform.

Chicago firefighters and paramedics approve new five year contract.

NYC teachers union seeks injunction against release of teacher ratings.

Concessions for jobs at Express Scripts in Philadelphia

…and at Pratt & Whitney in Connecticut.


Canadian report says women fared better than men in recession.

Labor split on U.S. – S. Korea free trade deal: UAW, UFCW support; AFL-CIO, Steelworkers oppose.

One month sit-down strike by temp workers ends at Hundai.

Greek transport workers strike over austerity measures.

Australian maritime union threatens Oprah filming.

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