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Labor News Round-Up

January 6, 2011


New governors moving to rescind CB rights, cut compensation of state workers.

Obama names Republican Terence Flynn to NLRB.

Obama names CWA official to head Government Printing Office.

New rule will require organizing rights be posted in workplaces.

Coal safety bill and DOL efforts to tighten mine safety standards encounter resistance.

UAW launches campaign to organize foreign car plants.

NYC sanitation workers accused of sabotaging snow removal efforts.

Fresno garbage workers allege corruption in privatization of trash services.

Flint reaches TA with municipal workers.

NLRB orders rerun of decertification election at Berkley Bowl.

Delta clerical workers lose union in merger with Northwest.

Titan lifts lockout.

Kentucky hospital sues SEIU for robocalling CEO.

Former NY newspaper union leader sentenced to jail for embezzlement.

WSJ predicts coming war between private and public sector unions.


Dockworkers’ strike shuts down Israeli ports.

…Netanyahu bargain averts general strike by public sector workers.

UK union warns budget cuts will lead to 200,000 lost jobs.

…TUC plans protests against austerity to coincide with royal wedding.

Italian metalworkers prepare to strike at Fiat.

South African miners down tools to mourn co-worker.

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