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Labor News Round-Up

January 25, 2011


Union density drops below 12%.

Number of federal employee union members drops below 1 million.

BLS: 47% of working-age Americans have full time jobs.

Gallup poll on joblessness.

Obama slow to revive labor-management partnership councils.

43,000 TSA screeners set to vote on union March 9.

SAG, AFTRA exploring merger.

Judge limits seniority-based teacher layoff policy.

Ohio’s Catholic Healthcare Partners schedule revote at 32 hospitals.

Detroit Symphony Orchestra and musicians return to bargaining table.

Harper’s magazine staff unionize; authors weigh in on alleged
retaliatory dismissals.

Machinists sue SC Gov. Haley over remarks at Boeing plant.

Bloomberg pushing for NYC union pension cuts.

Ellen Golombek likely named to head Colorado Dept. of Labor and Employment


Canadian National Railway avoids strike.

China’s Cathay Pacific Airways flight attendants call off Lunar New
Year slowdown.

British Airways crew hold strike vote.

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