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Labor News Round-Up

February 14, 2011


US unemployment drops but new jobs scarce.

Sharp rise in self-employed workers.

California paid out record $23 billion in unemployment benefits in 2010.

Ohio Gov. Kasich to end public employee bargaining.

Wisconsin Gov. Walker to end public employee bargaining; threatens to call out National Guard.

Missouri may turn right-to-work.

Michigan may turn right-to-work, roll back prevailing wages, repeal Health and Safety Act.

AFSCME, AFGE ready for budget fights nationwide.

NLRB rules for organizing rights postings, may rule on 10 day election schedule.

TSA chief defends collective bargaining for screeners, but vows to crush any illegal strikes.

Arbitrator rules 75 DC teacher firings improper, orders reinstatement.

GM workers get profit-share checks.

1,900 jobs lost in Goodyear tire plant closing.

Teamsters, IATSE lobby Hollywood for Boston film sites.

Disney World, employees reach tentative agreement.

Standford hospital may impose contract terms on nurses.

Leaked emails show Chamber of Commerce planned to sabotage unions, pro-labor groups.


General strike in Egypt hastens Mubarak’s downfall.

Nigeria Labor Congress pickets Union Bank.

British Airways union threatens strike.

Australian hotel workers sick of having to clean up chocolate, champagne after Valentine’s Day.

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