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Labor News Round-Up

February 22, 2011


Protests continue over Gov. Walker’s plan to revoke collective bargaining rights for state workers.

Walker takes hard line.

Wisconsin GOP leader says bill won’t come to vote until Democratic lawmakers return.


Labor vows to fight anti-union legislation in Michigan.

…and in Ohio.

Right to Work bills goes to full House vote in Indiana.

PLA, job targeting ban bills go to full House vote in Idaho.

Business groups testify in Congress about NLRB, allege pro-union bias.

SEIU announces new organizing plan.

NYC police, fire and teachers’ unions criticize Bloomberg in newspaper ads.

Workers reject tentative agreement with Hawaiian Electric.

NBA lockout likely after seasons ends.

Farmworkers protest outside Mexican consulate in North Carolina.

Georgetown Aramark workers announce plans to unionize.


Bahrain union calls indefinite strike.

German train conductors’ union pushing for unified wage agreements

UN Human Rights envoy meets with Cambodian trade unionists.

Australian prison guards locked out.


Joe McCartin in Salon and TNR.

Stephanie Taylor in Salon.

Paul Adler in banalogies.

Michael Paarlberg in the Guardian.

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