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Labor News Round-Up

March 9, 2011


Wisconsin union bill fight escalates; Democrats push for recalls.

Collective bargaining bill passes Ohio Senate; first hearings start this week in the House.

Florida Senate bill seeks to prohibit dues checkoff.

Ohio Republicans scale back some terms of bill.

Oregon Gov. Kitzhaber seeks concessions from state workers, says will not revoke bargaining rights.

Mass. public sector unions to announce health insurance cost-cutting proposal.

Utah Senate approves bill to bar paid union leave for teachers.

Conn. state workers, Gov. Malloy at bargaining table.

Minn. teachers union opposes Gov. Dayton’s alternative teacher certification bill.

Seattle teachers say school board missed red flags with shady contractor.

Providence teachers protest mass layoffs.

Nurses hold 24 hour strike at Washington Hospital Center; are locked out until March 9.

Caterpillar workers approve 6 year contract.

Lockheed Martin plant workers in Georgia ratify contract.

Delta flight attendants sue of pay disparities.

Hawaiian Electric Co. reaches TA with employees following strike.

Chicago hotel workers sign contract with Hilton.

Chicago FOP elects new president.

SoCal grocery workers extend contract with Ralphs, Albertsons and Vons through March.

St. Louis roofers vote for wage freezes.

100th Anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire.


South Africa: Metrobus strike continues.

India: Tea planters to blockade Darjeeling plantations.

Israel: social workers on strike.

Argentina: dockworkers reach deal with grain exporters.

Canadian inmates seek to form first prison labor union.

UK: public sector unions try to dispel compensation myths.

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