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Labor News Round-Up

April 13, 2011


Wisconsin Supreme Court race still up in the air.

NH: Right to work bill makes it out of committee.

PA House introduces Right to Work bill.

Pro-union rally in Chicago.

Boston: nurses at Tufts Medical Center take strike vote.

NY State carpenters union merges with NJ regional council.

Tennessee teachers leaving profession over budget debates.

Sheboygan, WI transit union chief pitches TA.

Labor talks stalled at Phoenix bus company.

American Airlines rejects contract extension for flight attendants.

Conn. beer distribution workers locked out, call for Budweiser boycott.

Paterson, NJ moves to strip city workers of longevity pay.

NJ Gov. Christie vetoes bill on teacher layofffs.

Washington Teachers’ Union to protest Washington Post over ties to Kaplan.

Ikea outsourcing to US.


South Africa: Johannesburg city government threatens striking garbage workers.

Canada: Nova Scotia public employees union pushes min. wage hike to $11.

UK: Nurses threaten industrial action over NHS service cuts.

Denmark sending out unemployed to pick up garbage.

China: ACFTU warns about occupational disease.

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