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Labor News Round-Up

May 4, 2011


Labor rallies mark May Day in NYLA and Wisconsin

Mass. State House restricts bargaining rights of public workers

Republican state senators vote down Florida Gov. Scott’s anti-union bill

Iowa Gov. Branstad issues raise to all state employees

Minnesota bill would restrict union political contributions

CA State Senate approves contracts covering 51,000 state workers

Detroit Mayor seeking concessions from city unions

IAFF halts all federal campaign contributions

7 largest freight railroads reach deal with UTU

Autoworkers sue GM and UAW, alleging contract violations and seeking back pay

UAW may not name strike target in Big Three talks

Connecticut carpenters strike

Oregon millworkers authorize strike

Dearborn, MI teachers agree to cuts

200 jobs projected to be lost in Giant-Teamster contract

Thomson Reuters reaches deal with Newspaper Guild

SAG, AFTRA set to merge

Wilkes-Barre, PA hospital, nurses avert strike

Disputed election for grad students’ union at UCLA

NY Mag profiles Teamster presidential candidate Sandy Pope

New president for Michigan Education Association

Tom Morello releases labor benefit EP


Egyptians rally in Tahrir Square on May Day

AFL-CIO calls for trade pact with Bahrain to be suspended

China’s ACFTU considers representing workers

Canada’s Supreme Court rules farm workers can’t unionize

Canada: Saskatchewan teachers hold one day walkout

Air India pilots strike

Russian Federation of Independent Trade Unions pledges support for
striking Turkish construction workers in Vladivostok ahead of APEC

NZ Council of Trade Unions launches big organizing drive

Argentina’s labor chief calls for cabinet positions and profit-sharing law

Swaziland unions merge into single labor federation

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