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Labor News Round-Up

February 8, 2011


TSA screeners get limited collective bargaining rights.

Company settles case over Facebook firing.

CBS refuses to run ad from NFL players union.

NFL and players union meet for contract talks.

Transport workers picket at Dallas airport before Super Bowl.

Continental to lay off 500 in merger with United.

Democrats pick NC, least unionized state in the US, for 2012 convention; unions upset.

Wal-Mart reaches tentative agreement over NYC stores.

NJ labor leader sentenced for giving jobs to the mob.

Florida governor proposes cutting 8,700 state jobs.

Colorado state senator takes aim at union partnership agreements.

Chicago: Police union, Operating Engineers accuse Emanuel of demonizing city workers.

Caterpillar workers vote to authorize strike.

Union membership down in most states, but not Missouri.


Toronto to privatize garbage collection.

Kenyan dockworkers protest plans to privatize Mombasa port.

Lebanon’s General Labor Union postpones strike until new cabinet is formed.

Israel: Histadrut and Manufacturers Assn. issue joint call for general strike over price hikes.

Philippines: Heritage Hotel Milan blocked from dissolving union.

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